Cultivating nature as a habitat for life

The decision to produce organic grapes and wine arose from the will and desire to protect our families and our employees; we live and work with nature and our choice was consciously selfish, it has nonetheless many positive aspects for all our clients and visitors.


Organismo di Controllo
autorizzato dal MI.P.A.A.F. IT-BIO-015
AGRICOLTURA ITALIA Operatore Controllato n.2427

Organic and sustainable agriculture, these are the keywords for our work in the fields and in the cellar.

Great respect for the soil and the grapes to avoid over-exploitation of natural resources and create a developing model that can last in time.

From 2017 vintage, after a 3-year conversion process, we are harvesting certified organic grapes.

Organic farming in the vineyards involves:

Use of organic fertilizers and manure matured in piles.

Treatments with minimum quantities of copper, sulphur, orange essential oil to control fungal diseases and natural pyrethrum against insects.

Planting between rows of a mixture of gramineous and leguminous plants, to be buried at the beginning of Summer to increase biodiversity and improve soil structure and fertility.

No use of chemical herbicides and fertilizers.

Cultivation of the vineyards without water supply; this practice is possible only where viticulture has been practiced for a long time. The advantages are to save water, which is becoming more and more valuable, and to improve the vine ability to defend itself.

Leaving all the rows covered with grass during Summer, to avoid soil erosion and allow the development of antagonists that control multiplication of harmful insects and pollination of flowering bunches

The quality of the vineyard should be protected also in the cellar,

where combining nature and technology we were able to drastically reduce the use of sulphites and increase the one of indigenous yeasts.

Malvirà Wines

We devoted ourselves to produce wines that reflect Roero in its purest and noblest form.


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