We have owned a small vineyard in the town of La Morra since 2007, in Boiolo. In 2018 we added two small plots, for a total of 5000 square meters; one of them located in Serra Denari.

The road that starts from the centre of the village is a watershed between Boiolo and Brunate, leading up to the famous chapel painted by the artists Sol LeWitt & David Tremlett.

The vineyard faces East and the rows of vines are at an elevation between 370 and 400 meters above sea level.
The soil is calcareous clay, rich in water.

Boiolo, that has been replanted with Nebbiolo by our family, was previously owned by the husband of Gianna, the older sister of the Damonte brothers.

From 2009 vintage, the 0,89 hectares of this vineyard give us a harmonious, balanced and complex Barolo.

On the same side of Boiolo, another of our Nebbiolo vineyards, 2000 square meters at 460 meters above sea level, has just started to produce.

Serra Denari is located on the side of La Morra facing Cherasco, it has an extension of 0,3 hectares at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level.

Facing West, it has a calcareous soil rich in iron and it went into production with the 2021 harvest.

Vigneti Malvirà

The Vineyards

We are very proud of our vineyards and we try to pay them the utmost attention, respecting the soil that our ancestors handed down to us.

S.S. Trinità
San Michele
Santa Margherita
Boiolo & Serra Denari