It is named after a small chapel consecrated to the Holy Trinity.

The first parcel of 4.400 square meters, that belonged to his maternal grandfather Bartolomeo, has been expanded over the years to reach the current size of 17 hectares, thanks to a work of land recomposition with the purchase of many small vineyard plots from neighbouring families.

The vineyard, composed mainly of layers of sand and clay, faces North, South, West and East.
The elevation is between 209 and 320 meters above sea level.

Nebbiolo was planted on top of the hill, Arneis in the intermediate area.

On the Eastern part called San Guglielmo we cultivate also Bonarda Piemontese, while on the side that faces North, we recently planted vines of Nebbiolo to produce our sparkling wine extra brut Rive Gauche Rosé.

The wide amphitheatre formed by the vineyard gathers all the activities of our family, the winery and the agritourism Villa Tiboldi with its restaurant, as well as our homes.

Vigneti Malvirà

The Vineyards

We are very proud of our vineyards and we try to pay them the utmost attention, respecting the soil that our ancestors handed down to us.

S.S. Trinità
San Michele
Santa Margherita
Boiolo & Serra Denari