Langhe DOC Rosso San Guglielmo

Grape Variety: Barbera, Nebbiolo & Bonarda Piemontese
Vinification: maceration and fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Maturation and ageing in oak barrels and refining in the bottle
Colour: deep ruby red
Aroma: fruity with notes of blackberry, plum and tobacco, complex and spicy scents with the ageing
Taste: full-bodied, but smooth, with vanilla and leather hints
Food & Wine Pairing: lamb, bollito (boiled meat), bagna cauda, Parmesan
Characteristics: Historical blend of the winery, tradition handed on from the maternal grandfather.
Production limited to a few vintages.
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 13,5% vol.
Bottle size: 750ml / 1500ml
Contains sulfites – product of Italy

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In our labels we wanted to stay close to Roero tradition, using symbols found on tarot cards combined with the wheel, an important local symbol, that is similar to the Conti Roero family coat of arms.